Can I camp outside the official camping places?

In Slovenia it is not allowed to camp in the wilderness or outside the registered camping places. If you do so, you will get a fine. You can only camp in the registered camping places and rest stops and parking places for motor homes and caravans.

Can I bring my pet?

Of course. All pets are more than welcome in Camp Vodenca, but you need to take care of them properly.

What if I want to try out camping and I don't have my own camping equipment?

That is not a problem at all! At Camp Vodenca you can rent an equipped tent.

How far is Camp Vodenca from Bovec?

The distance from Camp Vodenca to the center of Bovec is 1,5km. With a car you will reach the center of Bovec in 3 minutes. You can also take a beautiful walk through the woods and you will reach it in 10 minutes.

Is it possible to use internet in Camp Vodenca?

We are encouraging you to take modern technology free vacation days and just enjoy in the nature. But since we know that many of us need to be connected, Camp Vodenca is offering you a free wireless internet connection.

Is it possible to cook in Camp Vodenca?

Just last year we built a new public kitchen. Kitchen is equipped with a cooker, gas grill, fridge and a frizer. All over the camping area you can also find BBQ.

Can I get electricity to my tent?

Of course, all our pitches are equipped with electricity.

Where do I have to go to try out rafting?

Actually you don’t need to go anywhere. You can try out all sports activities with us! We are offering all sports activities that you can think of in the Soča valley.

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Sports activities

Camp Vodenca offers you all sports activities that you can try in Bovec. If you are staying at Camp Vodenca, you get a special guests discount.

WARNING! After looking at this video you will get unstoppable desire and the need for adrenalin!




Rafting on Soča is a fun activity for people of all ages. It is full of adrenaline, excitement and fun!
It is also a perfect activity for families. No one should live Bovec without trying rafting!




We can take you to the natural water park, where you can slide on stone slides and jump in to bright and clear pools. If you don't try canyoning you can miss out on a lot of fun!



Who loves slides more than children? So why not take them canyoning as well?



Is your wish to become one with the river? Well then you have to try hydrospeed and feel the Soča river.





Do you want to master the skills of kayaking? We have everything you need: teachers, equipment, transportation... We are ready and waiting on you!





Do you want to try something new? Do you need some adrenalin? Are you looking for a nice view?
We have a thing for you... ZIP-LINE. Max speed 60km/h, 200m above the ground and 2,4km of stunning views and fun!





Do you want to se our beautiful vally from the sky? Then try tandem paragliding!




Take a look of what is going on inside the mountains that surround you and enjoy in their beauty!




Do you just want to walk arround and explore the erea? We have a local tourist guide on site and he is preapred to take you arround and show you all the beautys and tell you everything about them.

Want to see how the tipical local chees is made? Want to know more about the wars? Have a desire to know more about the history? We have the tours about everything and everyone!






Where are we?










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Kamp Vodenca

Saško Momirski s.p.

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GPS koordinate: 46.331416, 13.572450

Tel.: +386 31 542 299, +386 41 620 885